Samford's Ministry Training Institute exists to equip Christians to be leaders in their churches and communities through theological education and practical ministry training.

SMTI is a non-degree program that equips ministers and lay leaders for service in God's Kingdom through quality biblical, theological, and practical ministry education.  

We offer an array of educational opportunities including a variety of online certificates and extension courses administered all over the southeast. Each course, seminar or workshop is biblically based and administered with the highest quality and integrity. Highly qualified and experienced instructors lead each educational opportunity.

2024 Courses

Can the Bible be trusted? How can we be sure that what we have today is what was passed down to us by the writers? This course will teach students how the scriptures came together through a process called canonization. Special attention will be given to the authority and inspiration of Scripture as well as giving assurance that the proper books are included in both the Old and New Testament Canons.

March 26- May 14
Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

Coby Goins

$50 Class Fee