Samford Ministry Training Institute at Westwood

Samford's Ministry Training Institute exists to equip Christians to be leaders in their churches and communities through theological education and practical ministry training.

SMTI is a non-degree program that equips ministers and lay leaders for service in God's Kingdom through quality biblical, theological, and practical ministry education.  

We offer an array of educational opportunities including a variety of online certificates and extension courses administered all over the southeast. Each course, seminar or workshop is biblically based and administered with the highest quality and integrity. Highly qualified and experienced instructors lead each educational opportunity.

2023 Courses

Jesus Christ was a master storyteller and often taught in parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning and Jesus would often use this type of communication when speaking to the crowds. This course will take careful examination on each of the parables found in the Gospels and teach students how to apply the heavenly meanings to increase their intimacy with God.

January 24th - March 14th
Tuesdays at 6pm


$50 Class Fee
What is apologetics? Some Christians believe it to mean apologizing for their faith, however the word comes from the Greek, apologia from 1 Peter 3:15. It means to “give a defense” for the things we believe as believers. This course will prepare students to “give a defense for the hope that is within them.” Study will be given on creationism, the resurrection, suffering and Christ as the only way to salvation.
March 28th - May 16th
Tuesdays at 6pm

Instructor: TBD

$50 Class Fee